— Barbara Jablonski & Allen Hopkins

Barbara and I have worked together for over 20 years, playing in schools and libraries, at festivals and private parties. We specialize in historical songs, programs on specific themes, and sing-alongs with lots of participation! Our school programs cover grades K-12, and dovetail neatly with state standards for social studies and arts/music.

Genesee Valley & New York State...A Singing History
Songs of immigrants, canallers, Kodakers and their families, featuring local songwriters of the past.

Homespun Songs from Pioneer Days
Popular songs and tunes from the period 1800-1860, reflecting the experience of the westward movement, and demonstrating simple folk instruments: mouth bow, Jew's harp, limberjack etc.

Identity, Rights and Liberties
How the songs and tunes of different ethnic groups reflect their cultural backgrounds, document their experience in America and their struggle for self-realization

Blending Black and White
Interaction of African and British Isles traditions in American folk and popular music, as shown in minstrel tunes, gospel, blues, jazz and rock.

Talkin' Union
Focuses on the experiences of American workers and their efforts to organize through strikes and solidarity; emphasis is on the music of Woody Guthrie.

Fun with Music
Barbara provides a song-along program for primary grades, featuring hand percussion instruments, high participation level, and informality.

Songs of the Civil War
I perform in costume, using restored antique instruments, the songs of North and South, expressing patriotism, the shock of war, and the appeal of pacifist and anti-slavery ideals.

Barbara and I are resource artists for Young Audiences of Rochester, visiting artists for the Monroe County Library System, and affiliated with BOCES assembly programs in several surrounding counties. Our performances feature many instruments — guitar, banjo, hammered and Appalachian dulcimer, harmonica, mandolin, mandola, Autoharp, concertina, and bodhran, as well as hand percussion for audience use. You can also find out more about Barbara's art and music at her website.

For info, updates, and booking call (585) 482-6062 or e-mail